We provide two tool suites for the requirements engineering and the design for the software of networked mechatronic systems, respectively. Both tool suites are plugin-based extensions for the Eclipse platform.


In the following you can download a pre-configured ready to use environment (Eclipse incl. MechatronicUML-Plugins) for Windows. You only need a working Java Runtime Environment of version 8.

MechatronicUML tool suite 1.0 (Full-Eclipse Neon.2 x86 Bundle; Released December 2016)

Virtual Box Image

Lubuntu LTS 16.04 + MechatronicUML tool suite 1.0 RC 1 (Full-Eclipse Neon x64 Bundle; Released August 2016)

Download Virtual Box Image User:muml PW:muml

Source Code

The source code is located on github:

Source Code on Github