We provide two tool suites for the requirements engineering and the design for the software of networked mechatronic systems, respectively. Both tool suites are plugin-based extensions for the Eclipse platform.

You need the MechatronicUML tool suite (formerly known as Fujaba Real-Time Tool Suite) to specify and analyze platform-independent as well as platform-specific software design models using MechatronicUML. The self developed parts of the MechatronicUML tool suite are distributed under the terms of the EPL-License. The bundle of the MechatronicUML tool suite contains 3rd-Party-Features, which use the following licences: Apache-License, MIT-License, BSD-License, and GPL-License.

You need the ScenarioTools MSD tool suite to specify and analyze scenario-based software requirements based on UML Sequence Diagrams.

Our tools are jointly developed by several research institutes:

Prof. Joel Greenyer, member of the Software Engineering Group at Leibniz Universität Hannover, provides a fork of this tool suite enabling textual, scenario-based specifications as well as other features under


The MechatronicUML tool suite is also available via the Eclipse Marketplace. For a direct installation, you can drag and drop the button to your running Eclipse workspace (if the marketplace feature is installed in your Eclipse). Drag to your running Eclipse workspace to install MechatronicUML


In the following you can download a pre-configured ready to use environment (Eclipse incl. MechatronicUML-Plugins) for Windows. You only need a working Java Runtime Environment of version 8.

More information on the MechatronicUML tool suite is available in the MechatronicUML Wiki. There, you can find instructions for installating the tool suite manually, a user documentation and information regarding the development of the tool suite.

MechatronicUML tool suite 1.0 (Full-Eclipse Neon.2 x86 Bundle; Released December 2016)

ScenarioTools MSD tool suite(Full-Eclipse Neon.2 x86 Bundle; Released December 2016)

  • Currently, there is no bundle available.

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Lubuntu LTS 16.04 + MechatronicUML tool suite 1.0 RC 1 (Full-Eclipse Neon x64 Bundle; Released August 2016)

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